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Basketball Match

Athletic development

Take your performance to the next level! We're your one-stop destination for unlocking your full athletic potential and achieving peak performance in your sport.

Sport Skills Training 

With our comprehensive sport skills training programs, athletes of all levels can refine their techniques, enhance their agility, and sharpen their competitive edge. Our expert coaches employ proven methodologies to help athletes master the fundamentals and elevate their game to the next level.

 Strength & Conditioning 

At Inside The Lines Training, we understand that physical conditioning is the foundation of athletic success. That's why our strength and conditioning programs are tailored to each athlete's specific sport, position, and performance goals. From building explosive power to improving endurance, we're dedicated to helping athletes build the strength and stamina they need to excel on the field, court, or track.

1-on-1 Training 

Experience personalized attention and accelerated results with our 1-on-1 training sessions. Whether your student is aiming for a personal best or striving for a spot on the team, our experienced coaches provide individualized instruction and targeted feedback to help students reach their athletic goals faster.

 Team Training (Coming Soon)

Coming soon, we're excited to introduce team training programs designed to foster camaraderie, communication, and cohesion among athletes. Stay tuned for dynamic group workouts and collaborative drills that will take your team's performance to new heights.

Ready to unleash your potential? Join us at Inside The Lines Training and experience the difference firsthand.


Contact us today to learn more about our training programs and take the first step toward athletic greatness!

athletic development programs happening now

lineman camp

Don't miss out on your chance to register for lineman camp. 

Camp will be lead by Coach Borders and Coach Hulk and will run from January 10 - February 29, 2024

Mondays and Wednesdays will focus on offensive lineman, and Tuesdays and Thursdays will focus on defensive lineman. 

Practice will be at 5 p.m. for high schoolers, 6 p.m. for middle schoolers, and 7 p.m. for elementary schoolers at 2627 Crums Lane Louisville, 40216.

Space is limited, so sign up soon and sessions are only $20. 

JAN 10-FEB 29 (1).jpg

basketball program

Inside The Lines Training basketball program is now open for registration. 

Students can enroll for Vertimax (power/explosion) training on Wednesdays from 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. for $25.

Basketball skills training is offered in a group setting, or on an individual basis. 

Thursday basketball skills training is for groups and is from 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. for $20 and Saturday's trainings are for individuals and/or groups, but are by appointment only. 

All sessions will take place at the Lincoln Bingham Family Life Center (2627 Crums Lane).

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