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Inside The Lines founders Anthony Richardson and Robert Harris, were both raised in West Louisville, and understand the struggles facing young people who want to be professional athletes. Now that both are married fathers with multiple degrees in their respective fields, they understand the importance of education, being a leader, and effective training for aspiring student athletes.


Wanting to give back to their hometown that helped develop them into the men they have become, they feel there is no better way to impact the life of youth than through sports. Through Inside The Lines, Anthony and Rob seek to provide student athletes with all the necessary tools to be successful in life, on and off the field.

Inside The Lines Training is on a mission to enrich student athletes with tools to excel academically, while enhancing characteristics of leadership, responsibility, and work ethic. We seek to establish these principles while creating a strong athletic foundation through sports specific training.


Our staff is comprised of certified teachers from Jefferson County Public Schools, and their expertise allows us to offer focused 1 on 1 Tutoring. Our Certified Athletic Trainers assist our student athletes with strength and conditioning, as well as sport specific exercises. We offer Co-Ed trainings, and Monthly leadership enrichment through our mentoring program.

If you have a desire to see your Student Athlete grow holistically in a safe and nurturing environment, CONTACT US today!

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